Can essential oils help with healthy weight loss?

essential oilsessential oils
essential oilsessential oils


Can essential oils help with healthy weight loss?

Losing weight in a healthy manner has a plethora of benefits for both your mind and body. You will feel more energetic, you will be able to focus more and exercise will be easier and more enjoyable. If you are interested in going the natural route for weight loss, then you can incorporate essential oils into your regimen, and try buying CBD oil from the UK to help with relieving any stress or aches during your workout. Below are some of the best essential oils for weight loss and tips on how to use them.



In a 2014 study, researchers found that Juniper oil has antioxidant and anti-obesity properties. This means that it is perfectly geared towards losing weight naturally, and you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine.

The oil is thought to reduce water retention, so it is best to apply it topically. You can massage some onto your stomach and body after a workout or during the day while you are at work or out and about. Juniper oil has a pleasant scent, so you will not have to worry about any unpleasant odours, and its antioxidant properties will also help you to feel better throughout the day. Be sure your skin is clean and dry before massaging any oil onto it so that it is absorbed properly.



When we are feeling down, exhausted or have had a bad day, we are more prone to eating junk food. Which is where peppermint oil comes in to lend a hand. This oil has a fresh, energising scent that can help to lift brain fog, depression and tiredness, contributing to your ability to say no to that 3pm doughnut.

You can drop some peppermint oil into a diffuser in your home (avoid doing this if you have pets, as it can be toxic to both cats and dogs) or you could carry a bottle with you to work and breathe some in when you feel like you need a mental boost. Peppermint oil can also help you to cool your muscles down after a workout, so massage some onto your tired body and see how refreshed and renewed you feel.



We all know that a glass of warm water and lemon juice before a meal can help with boosting your metabolism, and the same metabolism improvement can be found by using grapefruit oil as part of your regime. It has a pleasant, citrusy scent which has been found to help with burning fat in some people.

While experts do have more to learn about how grapefruit oil can truly help with weight loss, it is the chemical compound limonene that is said to help, which is found in many citrus fruits. It helps to build-up the metabolism, and one of the best ways to use grapefruit oil is to keep some with you to sniff during the day. You can also massage some into your pulse points with a carrier oil so that you can smell it throughout the day. The sweet, zesty scent will also be pleasant to the noses of those around you.



Lavender might not sound like an essential oil that can help with weight loss but stressed people tend to eat more and so a calming oil can help you to de-stress. Lavender can also lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone that makes your body hold on to excess fat.

You can combine lavender oil with CBD oil from the UK, massaging the lavender onto your pulse points and ingesting  the CBD oil to assist with  de-stressing. If you find the scent of lavender to strong to have on your skin all day, then you can drop some onto a handkerchief or keep a small bottle of it in your bag to inhale when you feel stressed or anxious, and in the mood to eat.



One of the major benefits of ginger itself, and of ginger essential oil, is the fact that it has an inherent ability to support digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Ginger oil helps with improving the absorption of the vitamins and minerals that you're consuming, thus supporting the body’s cellular energy and promoting weight loss.

You can add one or two drops to a cup of green tea or a smoothie, but be sure that you have food-grade essential oil and not the oil that is made for burning in diffusers. You can also inhale the oil before and after meals, and use it in a diffuser at work or at home. Rubbing ginger oil on your stomach after eating can help to reduce the appearance of bloatedness and can help you to feel less bloated too.


Lose weight naturally

Diet and exercise are both important factors in healthy weight loss, but you can introduce natural elements into your regime in order to make the process more holistic and uplifting. You can buy CBD oil from London and use this to help you de-stress in order to eat less, and use oils such as grapefruit and peppermint to lift your mood and boost your metabolism.

Juniper and ginger are effective in helping your body as they have anti-obesity qualities and lavender can ease anxiety and overeating tendencies. Essential oils can do so much more than simply make your bedroom smell amazing, so try to include them in your daily routine.

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